Nora the Elven Forest Doll
For my Final Major University Project, She has a sculpted face, Material body, hand sewn clothing with a wig made from wool.
Esmerelda The Gargoyle
A Polycarved Piece, covered with scrim and painted with various paints
Chao the Puppet From Sonic Heros
Puppet made with a EVA foam patterns,with Working mechanical eyes and mouth, covered with hand sewn fleece material.
Little shop of Horros Audrey Puppet
Audrey plant puppet made for a North-Brook college little shop of horrors production. With a opening mouth mechanism, He is made from a EVA foam patterned Base, covered with hand painted fabrics.
Beauty and the Beast pantomime Roses
Rose Made from thin foam folded into petal shapes, covered with Hexflex and painted.
Ear Cast
3x scale ear, sculpted in clay, then moulded in a silicone mould, finally casted with fiberglass resin and expanding foam.
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